Graphics Design Course Glasgow

Graphics Design Course Glasgow

Is this Graphics Design Course Glasgow for you?

Design and marketing enthusiasts who are keen to develop a specialist skillset in photo and image editing, and creating marketing materials including flyers, web design elements including graphic design and logo creation. This course is also suitable for budding photography enthusiasts. Our Graphics Design Course Glasgow will aid you into being what you really want to be.

About this Course

Having the ability to doctor images and edit photographs is a highly sought after skill across the marketing and fashion world, but it doesn’t stop there! Editing images is also a skill used by photographers, and across the corporate market place, meaning this is a talent always in demand.

By studying our graphics design course for Photoshop CC, you will gain an understanding of hundreds of new updates and features, not just learn how to edit images and photos, but also create marketing materials and logos.

You will look at aspects including improved smart guides, terminology for digital images, and 3D exporting and printing.

Your course advisor will be able to recommend other courses which will support your graphic design knowledge and provide further information on this course.

Dates and Times

  • The course will begin on the 16th of October 2017 and end on the 18th of October 2017.
  • The time for each day is 10am to 4pm.
Price : £299 only for all three days

There are 3 consecutive days within this Photoshop CC course:

Day OneDay TwoDay Three
Monday the 16th of October 2017 at 10am until 4pm.
  • Intro to Photoshop CC
  • The Capture
  • Open Files in Photoshop CC
  • Navigate Documents
  • Creating a New Document
  • Colour Theory and Management
  • Understanding Image Formats
Tuesday the 17th of October 2017 at 10am until 4pm.
  • Resolution and Cropping
  • Evaluate Image
  • Basic Tonal Adjustments
  • Selections
  • Basic Retouching
  • Content-Aware
Wednesday the 18th of October 2017 at 10am until 4pm.
  • Understand Layers
  • Work with Layer Masks
  • Work with Type
  • Filters
  • Shape Tool and Pen Tool

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