Magento Training for Merchants

At Training for Web, we offer the highest quality Magento Training for Merchants. Our easy-to-learn Magento training in Edinburgh can be individually tailored to suit your needs and learning requirements for anyone who needs to understand using Magento for shop keeping and administrator purposes.

Magento is a highly powerful E Commerce, open source software that can allow you to build a fully functional online store. Our team of experts can give you an extensive and friendly walk through training to show you how to fully set up and manage Magento.

The Magento training in Edinburgh is available for both businesses and individuals and covers the foundation set up and installation of Magento. The training further advances into learning how to set up administration configuration and we will also show you how to fully work with the Magento software.

In completion to the course, our professional trainers will teach you how to properly and effectively manage Magento on your own so you can develop your online shop, in your own space. We provide 100% dedication and commitment to helping all of our learners be fully compliant in Magento and we explain everything on real-time projects so you can make the most out of your learning.

We believe that Magento is one of the best and easiest learning solutions available for E Commerce websites. Our team of experts will guide you through our Magento Training for Merchants course and will provide you with an informative teaching experience that will strongly benefit your Magento online shop.

Here is an outline of the course:

1 . Introduction of Magento
a.How to install magento shop on local server and live server.
b.Magento Configuration

2 . Admin configuration
a.General configuration for admin panel
b.URL Configuration

3 . Magento CMS Pages
a.Creating New CMS Pages
b. Adding contents, videos and images

4 . Categories/Products
a.Adding categories and Subcategories
b.Adding new products

5 . Setting up Attributes
a.How to add new attributes details of EAV
b.How to add new attributes group
c.How to show new fields in products

6 . Magento and Multistore
a.Magento multistore creation
b.Products types Configuration

7 . Theme
a.Iinstalling new theme
b.XHTML to Magento
c.Customize the theme with custom code
d.Integrating HTML/CSS Theme to Magento

8 . Block
a. Creating new block
b. Creating static block
c. Creating new block via XML file

9 . Module
a. New module Installation
b. Developing module steps

10 . Check out and Payment gateway
a. Payment gateway Configuration
b. One page check out