Woocommerce Training

We provide high quality training in the WooCommerce WordPress plugin to give you excellent advantages over your competitors if you are selling online on your website.

We’ll help you learn WooCommerce. At Training for Web, we have some of the best WooCommerce Training courses available. If you already have WordPress and wish to create an E Commerce solution for your website, our training will teach you everything you need to work with this increasingly popular framework.

WooCommerce is a highly versatile plugin that has been specifically designed to integrate with WordPress. WooCommerce is a popular choice for users who already use WordPress and it has an astounding 7 million + downloads so far.

This incredibly diverse plugin allows you to create, manage and sell anything, anywhere in an online store. The plugin is super responsive, scalable, adaptable and is mobile friendly which will give your website bonus points and move you further up in positive Google rankings.

Our knowledgeable trainers will provide you with a professional and high quality learning experience in WooCommerce, which will be undeniably advantageous to you and your career. We will take you from an introduction, to set up, to managing the tools and finally, creating a real time project within your training, an online store.

We even provide additional training in SEO relating to WooCommerce that will increase your website’s popularity in Google search. Not only this, but having this knowledge and skillset will increase your online store’s sales and attract more attention from the public.

We at Training for Web, aim to provide the most extensive, informative and professional learning environment so you can get the absolute best out of your training experience. Training in WooCommerce, will certainly improve your CV and can help you make a step in your career ladder or help you advance further in your career.

Whether you are a developer wishing to expand your knowledge or even wishing to become your own administrator, our WooCommerce Training will supply you with all the knowledge, tools and training you need to become an expert in WooCommerce.

This below is a summary of topics in our WooCommerce Training course that will be covered:

WooCommerce introduction

  • Looking at why WooCommerce is a leading ecommerce framework for websites.
  • An explanation of key WooCommerce terms – e.g themes, extensions.

How to install and set up WooCommerce correctly

  • How you install WooCommerce
  • How you can set up your online store
  • How to create your key shop pages
  • Specific settings to check so that your store will occur no errors

How to add products to your store

  • How to set up and sell real products – for example a TV
  • How to set up and sell virtual products – for example online vouchers
  • How to set up product variations
  • How to set up grouped products
  • How to set up product galleries
  • How to categorise products
  • How to order products on your catalogue pages
  • How to set up sales on products
  • How to offer coupon discounts on products
  • How to set up featured products
  • How to monitor and moderate product reviews
  • How to set up related products
  • How to cross sell products

How to design your store

  • How to adjust the front page
  • How to adjust your catalogue pages
  • How to make sure your images of products use the right resolution
  • Choosing themes for your website
  • How to add widgets to your store

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (for Google)

  • How to ensure your store is optimised for Google
  • How to add social sharing options to your store

How to set up your payment options

  • How to set up payment options – for example a debit/credit card
  • How to set up payment gateway – for example link to Paypal
  • How to optimise the checkout process

How to set up shipping costs

  • How to create prices for shipping
  • How to set up free shipping based on value
  • How to set up local and international shipping

WooCommerce reports and accounting

  • Briefing on WooCommerce reports
  • How to manage orders
  • How to create reports
  • How to link your store to your accounts

WooCommerce extensions

  • Explanation of WooCommerce extensions
  • Discussing some of the best WooCommerce extensions